Toromedical joins LinkedIn community

Toromedical has joined LinkedIn Company community of over 2.8 million businesses, with the aim to share knowledge, broaden professional connection and grow business. Today, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on internet, with more than 200 million members, searching for new business opportunities, jobs or simply building their business network.

Majority of members still see LinkedIn as company “Facebook” pages and use it as their online Curriculum Vitae, while trying to get great number of connections. LinkedIn pages, as well those for individuals as those for companies, should be seen as opportunity to find new ideas or expand business, learn on shared experience, stay connected with customers and followers. They can be used as a great marketing tool by providing news, announcement and other updates. Companies can target their customers and highlight products and services they offer or evaluate professionals, who are interested in their company to extend their business through new ventures and partnership.

What you can expect from Toromedical on LinkedIn is to be an active player on Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Economics feeds, specific for countries of South Eastern Europe where we operate. We will establish contact with potential Pharmaceuticals partners to get the opportunity of introducing our unique turnkey distribution project and along the way follow their business and all the important headlines in our specific field. We will also publish all career opportunities, which will be easily accessible to our viewers and followers and utilize LinkedIn talent search engine to find most suitable candidates.

About Toromedical

Toromedical marketing and distribution network in South East Europe provides services of market access, geographical expansion & development and consolidation of manufacturer’s medical products for key therapeutic areas. Management and structure offer the best in-depth market knowledge and highest operational skills in their respective countries, deriving from more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare environment with pharmaceutical corporations. Toromedical brings together strong distribution network of the region in a full and complete package and simplifies certain regional business operations by acting as ONE partner.


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